Bid Day

One of the most exciting and fun days of the year for Alpha Xi Delta is Bid Day! After a long week of recruitment, our sisters wait eagerly on Tech Green for our new members, blasting music, covering ourselves with glitter, blowing bubbles, dancing with our sisters, and, of course, taking our signature Bid Day pictures! The day truly reflects the excitement and joy we get from adding more people to our family and knowing how many precious memories lay ahead for our new members.


“At my bid day in 2016, we were all so excited to be meeting all of our new sisters. I started talking to one of the girls in my new member class and we were getting along really well, so we decided to exchange phone numbers so we could hang out later. We both opened our phones and realized that we already had each other’s numbers, and we had gotten them at Faset and forgotten. It must have been a sign for our friendship because we’ve now been living together for two years!”

—Rebecca Mayer

“Bid Day is one of my favorite days of the year because it’s always so exciting to welcome our new members! I also love it because it serves as a reminder of our sisterhood with a whole lot of energy, fun, and Alpha Xi Spirit. This day launches the new member process, which during we love to get to know them better and of course, welcome them into our (very glittery) arms!”

—McKensie Griffis

“Bid Day is one of my favorite parts about Alpha Xi because it's a complete celebration of all the wonderful girls who are going to become part of our family! I've never danced harder in my life with all my sisters and seen the house is full of pure joy.” 

—Liz Welsko