Alpha Xi Delta's Social Calendar is always packed with different events! Each semester, we mix with various fraternities and sororities, as well as host date nights, crush parties, Semi-Formal in the fall, and our formal, the Killarney Ball, in the spring.

We have a blast coming up with fun outfits that fit the theme and getting ready with our sisters!


Semi-Formal gives all of our members a chance to dress up, take pictures, and have a fun night away from the stresses of school. Whether we decide to bring dates or just have a fun night with your sisters, everyone can be seen laughing, dancing, and singing along to the band! Each year, the venue and band changes according to the votes from the chapter, so each Semi-Formal is unique.


Crush Party

Crush Party is said to be our favorite event of the year. Each sister is allowed to invite two “crushes”, so the venue is filled with all of the people we know and love. The theme is always changing, so sometimes the event is more formal, while other times it’s more casual. Last year, the theme was Masquerade, so people could be seen wearing fancier dresses and sparkly masks, while this year, our theme was Mardi Gras, where people were wearing beads and boas! Safe to say we were brushing glitter out of hair for the next few weeks!



As Chapter Events Director last year, I had so much fun planning Formal. Even though it took a lot of organizing, when it came around to the day of, it was amazing to see everything come together and get to enjoy the event with my sisters. The band was great, the food was delicious, and the venue was absolutely beautiful. It really made all the work I put into planning it worth it!
— Megan Miller, Former Chapter Events Director

My Tie

This year was the first time that Alpha Xi Delta had a “My Tie” date night! The concept was to set up your sister for the evening by giving her the date’s tie in advance and having her find out night of! We all had a lot of fun and enjoyed the surprise-filled night. We hope to continue the tradition next year!